It all started with a dog named Sandwich.

In 2018, New York City-based jewelry editor Ashley Davis became acquainted with an organization that saves dogs from the Korean meat trade, called WeACT.

In Korea it is legal to eat dogs. Many dogs are raised on meat farms where they live the entirety of their short lives in cages before being tortured and slaughtered.

A lifelong dog lover, Ashley and her husband James adopted a traumatized dog from WeACT, whom they named Sandwich. Gaining Sandwich's trust was a life changing experience.

Ashley went on to fundraise for WeACT, gaining generous support from her contacts in the jewelry world. In 2020, Ashley's network raised over $50,000 to rescue an entire farm of dogs. Ashley and James adopted a sibling for Sandwich from that farm, whom they named Gemma.

Love Sandwich combines Ashley's love for jewelry and tongue-in-cheek clothing and accessories with a mission to support dogs from the Korean meat trade.

A percentage of proceeds from every purchase is donated to WeACT. To learn more about the organization, visit