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Who we are

Love Sandwich was born out of founder Ashley Davis' lifelong passion for
philanthropy and advocacy. Working as a jewelry editor in New York City in
2018, Ashley became acquainted with volunteers in South Korea rescuing dogs
from the dog meat trade. 

At the dog meat farms, which are legal in South Korea, dogs are bred for
consumption. They live the entirety of their short lives in raised wire cages
in deplorable conditions. They are slaughtered on-site, in front of other dogs,
and often tortured according to old folk beliefs equating a dog's suffering
to better health effects for the person who eats them. 

The Korean women with whom Ashley connected formed the organization
WEact. They work tirelessly to rescue dogs from meat farms, attend to their
medical issues, help them overcome their environmental trauma, and find them
homes domestically or abroad. Each person involved with WEact is a volunteer,
meaning 100% of every donation the organization receives goes to veterinary
bills, shelter costs, transport, and dog food. 

WEact rescued Ashley's dog, Sandwich, in 2018 from a dog farm in Hanam,
South Korea. Helping Sandwich heal from his trauma has been deeply rewarding
for Ashley and her husband. In 2020, Ashley spearheaded fundraising for a WEact
rescue in Anseong, South Korea. From that rescue, she and her husband adopted
their second dog, Gemma.

Love Sandwich is a company rooted in the belief that everyone deserves love,
care, and respect, and that there is no such thing as a lost cause, no matter
the trauma experienced. Love Sandwich also abides by the ethos that it is
everyone's responsibility to help others. 

That's why a portion of every Love Sandwich sale benefits WEact, with
certain items or time periods donating ALL proceeds to the organization, which
is indicated in item descriptions.  

Learn more about the incredible work WEact does at https://weactkorea.org/

Sandwich in 2021